An Argentinian submarine has vanished – here’s how to find it

All signs of it have been dead ends, but now the hunt is on – but the crew’s oxygen supplies will only stretch to the end of this week

A massive search and rescue operation is underway off the coast of Argentina. Last Wednesday, the ARA San Juan, an Argentinian military submarine, went missing with 44 crewmembers on board. There’s a good chance the crew are still alive and trapped inside. Now the tricky part is finding them. Teams from Argentina, Brazil, the US, the UK and France, among others, have now united to find the submarine, but there isn’t much time left.

The search hasn’t been helped by misleading signs. On Saturday, seven weak satellite signals potentially from the stricken sub were detected but the Argentinian navy later concluded these were not from the San Juan. The same is true of noises heard by sonar in the water on Monday. It was initially thought that the sounds might have been made by submariners banging on the hull